The Happy Retirement by Janette B. Carter


The Happy Retirement

by Janette B. Carter

Ideas & inspiration for inexhaustible and unlimited retiree bliss 


Whether you're at a point where retirement doesn't feel very good right now, or in a place
where things are going very well, you can help happiness along with this e-book.
Many people think about retirement and decide in advance that it's terrifying. Janette B. Carter was one of those people.
Left unexplored, the former correctional officer could not fully share the life-altering ideas, inspiration, and information for retirement empowerment that she does.
In her e-book, The Happy Retirement (FBC Records Inc., 2016), she proves that regardless of your current conditions, within you is the aptitude and expertise to be successful and happy.
Janetter meets both retirees and retirees-to-be, wherever they are on their path. She offers an array of  exciting, adaptive solutions and suggestions. Utilizing her own experience, as well as the experience of her colleagues, she addresses the next moves, as well as some of the best moves. She covers:
  • Strategies to sharpen your retirement focus
  • Learn to articulate your funding requests more powerfully
  • The importance of networking with peers and colleagues 
  • How to avoid "checkbook shock" by adding to your adjusted income
  • How to define and manifest your 'happy' 
  • How to beat the 'retirement blues' 
  • Retirement readiness
  • And more

Using just one of the many strategies and ideas can inspire you to adopt them all.

But, do you know what's really interesting? The book is being enjoyed by adults as young as 27-years-old. Younger readers say it's encouraging and gives them a head's up when planning for their future. Middle-age adults read it and are reminded that their life is worthy of having the hundreds of vivid images of retirement fun, passion, and happiness manifest.

The Happy Retirement is a quick-reading, conversational-style guide that you will be given access to after you purchase it here. Best of all, it comes with free, same day delivery and no shipping costs.
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Fran Briggs
 Publicist to Janette B. Carter
Janette's positive demeanor never wanes. In addition to supporting several organizations and being vested in community engagement and social causes, Carter is a retired correctional officer, owner of JustusScents, a dynamic fragrance business, and professional speaker. She is also a mother of three adult children, and grandmother of five. Janette B. Carter speaks candidly on topics such as leadership, overcoming obstacles, and personal development. Her heartfelt presentations include stories which inspire her audiences to strategize, organize, and act. In January, 2016, she was appointed as America's Plus-size professional model and spokesperson by eMediaCampaigns! In this capacity, she enlightens, educates, and empowers individuals, professional organizations, and groups of all ages.
The Happy Retirement, Partners.  Thank you!  - Janette
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